Hawking Radiation

Hawking Radiation was a remarkable discovery made by Steven Hawking related Black Holes and the quantum effects that occur around what is often inaccurately known as the Event Horizon, which is a sort of no return boundary. Think of it has a door that lets you in but never lets you out. It is a one-way trip to spaghettification and not even going the speed of light will get you out of this comic predicament.

However, when it comes to virtual particles something different seems to happen. Hawking Radiation occurs when pairs of matter and anti-matter particles split causing one particle to go into the black hole and another one to escape out into the universe. If this happens enough times, the black hole will eventually radiate away to nothing. 

The reason why this discovery was so controversial is because this attempts to spit in the face of information theory that states information can never truly be destroyed, but that seems to be exactly what Black holes are doing, destroying information. 

Black holes are seemingly turning everything, no matter how different, into the same, unusable, low-energy space trash. 

Not knowing what state proceeded an already known state is essentially where information begins and ends. 

It's the last answer to the "where did that come from?" line of questioning. Eventually, you get to a place where the answer to that question is that it is simply unknown and it will never be known. 

If everything on the planet, (besides yourself) all turn into a gray goo, and there was nothing you could measure about the gray goo that could tell you what that gray goo was before it was gray goo, then what you have is the end of information. 

How do you extrapolate all the wonderful diversity that exists in the world from animal life to technology and works of art to human history from the gray goo? 

The answer is you can't. You simply don't know which is which anymore. And in fact, what you have just down is decreased the entropy back to zero because there is only one state of the planet: Gray Goo. 

What is this Gray Goo? Well, it's an analogy for heat radiation. When everything turns back to heat energy, nothing else interesting can really happen and since there are no possibilities for anything to exist but Gray Goo, then you got an Entropy of nothing, a complete state of equilibrium. 

And, after all the Black Holes have radiated away, that's what you will have a universe that is in a complete state of thermal equilibrium where temperature is infinitely close to zero. 

The question is can Quantum Physics kick start another round of informational growth or does Quantum Entropy ultimate kill even the tiniest possibility of future informational birth?


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