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Electrons and Protons

The nature of electrons and protons with their explosive element (electromagnetic force interacting with the weak nuclear force) can be cleverly compared to the nature of men and women. Particularly, single men and women and how they behave in a social-mating situation with an explosive element. For humans it would be a place such as night clubs, i.e., a small confined space where the explosive element is alcohol.  An idealistically stable configuration in a night club is that there would be the same amount of women as there were men, and each man and woman would couple up and not disturb each others courting.  However, the moment the club owner starts letting in more and more men, the stability of the system begins to exponentially become more likely to become chaotic. Imagine that the club owner was so dumb that he put 30 singles males in a confined club with 5 single females, and not just a 6-1 ratio, but one with alcohol as the explosive element. This is very similar how a system

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