Electrons and Protons

The nature of electrons and protons with their explosive element (electromagnetic force interacting with the weak nuclear force) can be cleverly compared to the nature of men and women. Particularly, single men and women and how they behave in a social-mating situation with an explosive element. For humans it would be a place such as night clubs, i.e., a small confined space where the explosive element is alcohol. 

An idealistically stable configuration in a night club is that there would be the same amount of women as there were men, and each man and woman would couple up and not disturb each others courting. 

However, the moment the club owner starts letting in more and more men, the stability of the system begins to exponentially become more likely to become chaotic. Imagine that the club owner was so dumb that he put 30 singles males in a confined club with 5 single females, and not just a 6-1 ratio, but one with alcohol as the explosive element.

This is very similar how a system behaves where protons are having to share electrons and you keep adding more and more protons sharing fewer and fewer electrons or you begin to have more and more electrons trapped with fewer and fewer protons.

If you could imagine what kind of system can handle the most variation between the number of electrons per protons, you could create what we know as a chargeable lithium battery. 

Batteries keep your electronics powered by way of storing electrons and then emitting those electrons to power an object. Electrons must be stored in a stable configuration inside walls made of protons, but these electrons will escape when you open the door. 

Imagine the protons are the women inside the night club, and the capacity of the battery is the amount of people that can be inside the club without an explosion happening, in the case of people, a fight breaking out in the club is the explosion. 

If you have 10 women in a night club that can hold 100 people, and bring 90 men into the club, you are more than likely going to either get a fight or a whole lot of men quickly exiting the club and so the men are like the electrons. They are quick to leave the club and go to another club. Men jumping clubs all night is like electrons jumping from atom to atom, which is what we know as electricity. 

However, what if you fill the club up full of women and hardly no men? Then, the men will most likely never leave the club. The electrons will not leave the battery cause there are very few left to do anything. These men would only leave the club if the women started leaving. 

Atoms like clubs in a town on a Friday night are trying to configure themselves into the most stable condition but from time to time, moments of explosive energy can erupt via electricity, light and magnetism.  

But what is the ultimate fate of the atom or the night club? Well, the ultimate fate is people finding a mate and starting a relationship that could lead to marriage and children. The fate of the atom is that eventually the electron will be captured by the proton, effectively turning the proton back into a neutron.

The Atom has now reached electrical neutrality, but the more neutrons there are, the heavier the atom will become yet also the more stable, much like how families turn their single bar life into the "restaurant-going out-to-eat-with-family" life.

But what happens when atoms get extremely heavy and extremely stable? Well eventually, the extreme heaviness of the neutron star, can go supernova and turn into a black hole where gravity has gone to infinity because of extreme heaviness. In the family metaphor, this would be a family who has grown so big that their family name is now a dynasty, a legacy that has transcended across time and spread out across earth having living family members all over the planet. 

Black holes warp space and time, causing space to become time and time to become space, meaning there is a backward spatial dimension that you can never go back to; but, you can go forward and backward in time and dimensionality. 

This would be how a character in a movie would feel, if they came out of the tv. They would no longer be able to physically access their tv environment, but they could go forward and backward in time and see everything from the beginning of the universe until the end.

They could see their whole entire life, not just in this universe but all their lives in the multiverse, but they could never physically reach them or return to them. Where they are now going is somewhere completely different and that is known as the singularity.

The Singularity for a family name is what family has elevated itself to immortal status such as the Rothchilds, Bilderbergs, Kahns, Windors, and others, at least, for as long a there is an entity to remember. 

But like the real black hole, no one knows what is on the other side of the singularity. But w
hat is on the other side of the technological singularity which states: "all is remembered and re-manifested." Who will access that technology first? Of course, it will be these families. These families will rule the multi-verse first. 

So, you have to ask yourself as a man, are you going to jump around like an electron forever, or are you going to allow yourself to be captured by a proton and build a legacy, build one of the many ruling class families that rule over the multi-meta-verse in the future? The future that inevitably awaits.


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