The End of Time

Where do we go at the End of time? The answer is nowhere. Talking about the end of time can rattle some people as if you were telling a spooky ghost story. Partly because our brains want continuation. We need for the story to keep unfolding and evolving. But even if time didn't stop, eventually wouldn't everything just return back to where it started?

With that being said time either ends like a watch that runs out of battery or it just repeats infinitely, however, either situation could mean doom for infinite information continuation.

Let's start with what physics tells us. 

Dark Energy causes space between galaxies to expand causing what seems to appear to be "space creation." If this expansion continues, every galaxy will become an island to themselves, meaning if there were any observers in any one of these galaxies, they would not ever see anything outside of their galaxy. 

If astronomers in the far, far future do not have access to the knowledge that we have discovered about the cosmos, they will essentially believe, ironically, what we used to believe, that there is nothing but the eternal void outside of their galaxy. So there would never be any reason for these beings to ever try to leave their galaxy. 

This wouldn't be because beings in the future would lack an explorative spirit, but simply that traveling outside of the galaxy would be an automatic death sentence to be forever trapped in the void cause wouldn't even be able to make it back to your home galaxy.

It would be functionally be the same as jumping out of a plane, you would never be able to get back to that plane. 

If Andromeda wasn't on a high speed collision course with our galaxy, the Milky Way, we would pretty much also be imprisoned in our own galaxy already, and in the far future when Milkdromeda is created, we will have already become the island galaxy. 

So, what do we do on our Island Galaxy?

Pretty much exactly what we are doing now, which is processing energy from stars to grow and expand our informational complexity, which includes our technology,  civilization and our Earthly DNA.  

If humans can evade total extinction long enough by spreading out into Milkdromeda and having our evolutionary descendants populate habitable planets, the next problem we will have to concern ourselves with through the next set of eons will be the dying of stars. 

As stars begin to burn out like candles all through Milkdromeda, intelligent life will have to find refuge around the last remaining heat sources which could include any celestial body that could power life with energy at a safe enough orbit. Even Rogue planets with thermal energy from its own core could be enough to keep life going in some ways. 

Eventually, however, life will find itself without any power source to maintain its existence. So what would a super intelligent civilization do once they reached their last remaining power source?

Without an innovation that could create stars directly from the void, intelligent life will be ultimately extinguished and a frozen wasteland will be all that is left with Super Massive Black Holes dominating inter-galactic voids. 

Some futurists argue that if a civilization were intelligent enough that it could engineer some kind of artificial planet that would orbit a black hole feeding off of the rotational energy of the Black Hole to power some kind of society. 

But even Black Holes don't last forever. Because of a process called Hawking Radiation, Black Holes too, will disappear to nothing. 

So without any Black Holes, or any ability to cause star formation from the void of space, it seems we have reached the end of any kind of life and this story will be true for any civilization in any Galactic Structure. 

No matter how you cook it, you will always need an energy source; you will always need fire. 

And, asking how to create new energy is exactly asking what caused the Big Bang. In this reality, nothing is for free and this true no matter how you read that fact. Either the only thing that is free is Nothing or something always cost something. This is the paradox of reality which lead to the biggest question. 

How does something come from Nothing?

Maybe there is no such thing as true nothingness. Maybe Magic exists or Maybe reality is just a dream built on credit. 

But at the end of time, our observable universe will not have anything to observe. The theater of life is closed and the curtain as been dropped on the stage.  The End. 

or is it?

Some say quantum mechanics will somehow start the universe again with everything re-playing out similarly to how it played out now with only slight differences; whereas in the next universe, I am typing out the exact some sentence except that time I say something so profound that it completely changes the course of human history in ways that never happened before in an infinite iterations. 

Yet, some argue that Entropy also applies to Quantum Mechanics, called Quantum Entropy and others would say that I am arguing for the Multi-Verse. But, wouldn't the Mult-verse also have Entropy?

And, this is it? There is nothing we can do? Do we just have to accept our fate or can information be saved forever? 

But at the end of time, when it all alls away, there won't be anything for these questions to even matter to. 

It's natural for our mind to want to keep existing, however it may not be natural for reality to keep minds infinitely existing just because minds desire it.   

A mind's desire and reality's actuality do not have to be compatible no matter how much we desire it to be. 


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